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Monday, March 28, 2011

There Will Be A Race In Ward 3

I spoke today with a life-long resident of Rapid City, who has been a resident of Ward 3 for 10 years who confirmed today that he would be turning in the necessary signatures on a petition to run for the Ward 3 Council seat being vacated by Bill Waugh.

I was unaware that this particular Rapid City businessman was collecting signatures in the ward, but I am pleased that the race will be contested. And, I'm not going to spoil his announcement by revealing his name here.

I want to say once again that I think the other candidate, Jerry Wright, is a nice guy. I don't know anyone who knows Jerry who doesn't believe him to be a nice guy.

I think it is a good thing that a former city employee will not be able to waltz into office without a campaign to tell residents why the city should entrust him with representing them on the council.

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taco said...

Thank you for the breaking news! I'm so glad that I will have a choice.