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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do these emails produce the desired result for the mailers?

I've received a lot of scam emails, but this one is pretty funny, to me anyways. Would anybody you know be tempted to take any of the suggested actions in this email, if they could even decipher what the suggested actions might be?

Attention: Sir,

I am Mr. Richard Blix . The Chairman, World Bank Auditors London Branch, United Kingdom and a member of the Financial reconciliation Committee on debt reconciliation in cognizance with the credit cover of IMF(International Monetary Fund) unit duly adopted by the Senate Committee on Foreign Payment as requested for a fund movement cover in your favor. I am compelled to advice you to contact the World Bank Audit Manager , Mr. James R. Walsh, for quick clarification.

Very urgently. In view of several efforts already made by us to contact you for the simple reasons that My Office have just received a Sworn Affidavit to re-route your payment into a new Prudential Bank and Trust Co (Zamora Branch) Account #: 5068-1117-8. Please, confirm to our department if you have instructed anyone to appoint an attorney/agent on your behalf.

Please, confirm if you have authorized us through your agents to issue cash call payment remittance to them on your behalf. Please, also confirm if you have authorized your attorney to change your banking particulars to the following particulars stated below: Prudential Bank & Trust Co ( Zamora Branch) Zamora Street, Pandacan, Manilla, Philippines Bank FSD Account # 5068-1117-8 of Nabil Bahij Jahas.

Also re-confirm your Payment file Number, Amount, Private Telephone and Fax number, your e-mail address, Office or home address, so that we can cross-check it with our file records. We have decided to contact you because we suspected that somebody is trying to divert your money through the sworn affidavit of means, into a new different bank account. Already, their associates have requested us to place a cash call order in their favor on your behalf, but we discovered that your signature was forged.

Therefore, you are hereby advised to Contact or call The World Bank Auditors here in United Kingdom via this (E-mail:, Tel: +44 7045 796 994) regarding the above stated.

Please inform us and acknowledge your acceptance to the above stated, but if not, please do not hesitate to inform us very urgently, so that we can stop the diversion of your fund. For security reasons.

Best regards.

Mr. Richard Blix
Tel: +440702 401 2072
Express Payment Director
World Bank Organization
London Branch, United Kingdom


repete said...

Probably just phishing with a basic scam message.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, they work.

It's a basic phishing scam, they send it out to hundreds of millions of email addresses. If they get a 0.001% response rate, they've got thousands people they can now perform identity theft on.

It's a multi-million dollar industry that takes advantage of people to stupid to know that you don't send people your bank info over the internet.


repete said...

It's mostly a way for them to verify good email addresses in their database... that they turn around and resell.