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Monday, February 7, 2011


In a rootin' tootin' culturist, stereotypical column, Journal Editorial Page Editor Jill Blondin (which you can read here) begins her tale about Rep Hal Wick's bill to require every South Dakotan to purchase a gun. She had it right for a bit, in explaining that Wick's bill was nothing more than an attempt to demonstrate that ObamaCare's requirement that every citizen purchase health insurance is unconstitutional.

But then she digresses. Her kid is the only one in her class that does not have a gun in her home. Really? Then she goes on to say that Rep. David Lust, R-Rapid City, "indirectly acknowledged the itchy trigger fingers that are so common around here."

Itchy trigger fingers? Really? She admits she's no fan of guns and admits that she used to scatter peanuts for squirrels (which is against the law here.) She also used to take immobilized trantulas to the Desert Museum...Whoopee!

And, she closes by saying it's "charming" that there are plenty of "gunslingers" "in these parts" who "carry their arms with such pride and bravado."

I'm sorry, but give me a break.


Bob Newland said...

Wow. We go from Randy Rasmussen's inability to articulate the politically conservative position to Jill Blondin's rather weird defense of being the opposite of whomever would speak fondly of a firearm.

I'll take a wild stab and guess that Ms. Blondin considers herself a political "progressive." I'll take another chance and guess that she thinks that recycling tarantulas is a core plank of that platform.

But this part kills me. An English or any liberal arts degree holder, especially one who aspires to be an Editorial Page Editor, should know that three non-sequiturs wrapped around a couple semi-anecdotes do not the clearest point reveal.

Bob Newland said...

I just read it again. The sneer is the point.