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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Okay, here we go again, for a while, maybe...

Mid-winter depression, pre- , during- , and post-Holidays depression, and empty wallet depression have all combined with the recent lack of much I have wanted to comment on. Having nothing to say, and saying it, seemed the best course.

I'll venture today, however, a chuckle at Adelstein's failure (once again, on anything) to gain traction on his version of how to reduce bullying. I'll contribute a shake of the head at Tieszen's texting-while-driving bill.

I'll also say that I think Daugaard's budget proposal was a shrewd political move by a guy who might just endorse a base principle of the Republican philosophy, the one about limited government.

During the various debates over elements of the budget during the next month, we'll see some folks bending logic in their defense of maintenance of government funding for their favorite programs.

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Les said...

Good morning Bob, couple of notes b4 I'm off to brave the -35 windchill.

HB1084 again tries to cross the Gov's desk to protect the insured.

HB1129 tries to define a loaded gun:"" "Loaded firearm," any firearm capable of discharging a projectile, containing cartridges, shells, or projectiles in either the chamber, clip, or magazine;""

Does this mean if the loaded clip is in possession but not in the gun it is considered loaded?

HB1143 would allow my non resident family to come home and hunt small game(pheasant) 5 two day periods instead of 2 five day periods...also makes sense if economic development is the issue allowing the hunters more flexibility.

Other than the Gov, where is all the self control going to come from?

"sakeye" I'm hungry just thinking about it.