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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An argument inside out

A madman goes off and kills a few people and wounds a congresswoman. Almost everyone with access to a microphone or printing press suggests it’s “society’s” fault. Almost everyone with the power to do so proposes a law that will not prevent such occurrences, but will unjustly penalize almost everyone who had nothing to do with the shooting.

Meanwhile the principal purveyors of violence, those who think they are justified by virtue of their employment by “government,” continue to push us around at gunpoint. Ironically, Congresswoman Giffords cheerfully endorsed violent acts by government thugs. So do most of those calling loudly for “toning down the rhetoric” or for laws which will, at best, simply diminish our ability to defend ourselves from people like the Tucson madman.


larry kurtz said...

As a Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferer let me just say that our scheduled trip to Tucson in February is weighing heavy. It's not like nobody saw this coming. My biggest fear is seeing parts of the US after Katrina and Haiti as examples of humans coping with collapse.

Who the fuck wants to live like that?

Civil war or government repression. My sense is that Loudner saw the former as preferable.

larry kurtz said...

oops, Loughner.

repete said...

Next the politicians will figure out a way to afford the best protection for themselves that money can buy... Our money protecting them from us.

Remember the expensive but effective body armor which McCain voted against for our troops? Bet our politicians all get issued designers models of the very same.
Before this is over, they will be better protected than our front line troops in Afghanistan.