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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Really. The hell with it then.

I imagine that I see and feel a distinct “the hell with it then” aura surrounding most people with whom I’ve engaged past the superficial since the election. I know I feel it myself.

Last night, Jon Stewart showed about a dozen clips of federal legislators using the phrase “adult conversation.” Kristi Noem was among them. I know we’re going to hear those words as much as we’re starting to hear “I want my country back.” They are always delivered as if their meaning is so apparent that a question about their meaning is in bad taste.

Dubya has been on the air and tube lately promoting his book. That hasn’t helped my mood. He’s still the wannabe good ole boy who’d like to hang with you and tell you and your friends about the time he was president but you’d rather he went home because the women think he’s creepy.

Barack Obama is everywhere. Overexposure has not made him a better orator. I am pretty sick of the short bursts of words separated by “uh”s delivered assertively and with presidential ambiguity. I’m sick of it because I don’t think the man has a clue or a genuous.

But when did cluelessness or disengenuousness become a disqualifying characteristic of a national leader?


Duffer said...

Bob, I think folks in general have a gut feeling the whole damn country is in a downward spiral - and that no one has a clue how to stop it. The economic team is "guessing"; and a change in regime won't change the team that's doing the guessing.

The group that's been siphoning the country's economic wealth forever is going to do everything they can to grab every last bit for as long as they can. Those would be the self-described "adults" in the conversation. You know who they are.

When one examines the distribution of wealth in this country as well as the trend of that ongoing theft, one can't help but compare it to similar occurrences in the history of our developed world and notice that those events were generally accompanied by revolutions. Off mit der head kinda stuff.

Be interesting to see what happens down the road . . . in the meantime, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Neal said...

I'm with the Duffer.

It's time to water the tree...

DDC said...

The problem is that when a politician gives anything that even resembles a straight answer to anything, they get hammered on it. Noem liked to say the "adult conversation" line about Social Security & Medicare while Herseth Sandlin would only say that we need to "establish a bipartisan commission".

They also don't have the guts to tell people that DC can't fix all of their problems. That or they actually think they can (which is even scarier).


Oz, the Great and Powerful said...

Down downward spiral - nah, we're merely in the generational economic and political winter that comes along once in an Anglo lifetime - about every 82-86 years, give or take. The most recent was the depression/WWII era, preceded by the civil war, revolutionary war, the glorious revolution, Spanish armada crisis, the war of the roses.
See, Generations; and Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe.

We see climatic seasons because they are within the narrow time frame of our lives. They each spring/summer/fall/winter is similar they are not the same. The theory holds for life-cycle seasons as well. We often fail to see the life-cycle seasons because they are barely within the frame of one life. (And we often so full of ourselves convinced that "This Time is Different", hat tip to Reinhart and Rogoff: .