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Monday, November 1, 2010

Measure 13 election night party

You're welcome to come to the Measure 13 election night party at Sports Rock (on 7th Street, between Main and Omaha, downtown Rapid City) Tuesday night, Nov. 2, from 8:30 MT 'til we get sick of it.

We'll have a bank of TVs to watch coverage of everything. Pundits will pundicize. Yippee.

We have about $120 to buy pizza and beer for people who worked on the campaign. If there's money left over, we'll buy you one, too. Yippee ki yo ki yay.


grudznick said...

$120 left over to buy pizza? Wow. Save some of that for Breakfast, Bob!

Bob Newland said...

Wear your garter belt so I can spot you, Grud.

Neal said...

I'm going to be so disappointed with this State if IM 13 doesn't win...

It might be a deal-breaker, South Dakota.

Not because I'm a stoner looking to take advantage of the law.

But rather because if you took just 30 minutes to educate yourself on the issue -- or spent 15 minutes talking to someone who IS educated on the issue -- or best of all spent 5 minutes talking to a patient, a yes vote is compellingly obvious. Completely obvious.

Aside from ignorance, a no vote originates only from malice, or close-mindedness, or spite, or just plain stupidity -- or any number of similarly ugly places.

If IM 13 loses, it will mean that the majority of South Dakotans are this type of person.

You can't really blame a guy for leaving.

Bob Newland said...

I doubt that if 13 loses there will be a mass exodus. However, some folks will move as a result. Some others will decide not to move back here.

But then, Don Kopp and Marty Jackley think that's a net positive.

Duffer said...

Where did the money for "No - on 13" come from?

That campaign in the last couple weeks did this measure in.

Jo Prang and her cohorts pay for it all?