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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I Love the Onion,18169/


DDC said...

Quite off-topic, but did you delete your comment on the SD GOP Facebook page? It isn't there anymore.!/pages/South-Dakota-Republican-Party/109214993243

Neal said...

DDC, that was an excellent comment you wrote on the R's FB page. Well done.

Michael Sanborn said...


No. Someone else removed it.

Bob Newland said...

Fan o' yers, Mike?

DDC said...


Thanks. Hopefully it will stay on there.


I've had that happen a few times to myself. I think if a comment gets "flagged" enough times it gets automatically deleted. Pretty bad that a few people can hit the little flag button and get a comment removed, even if the page owner doesn't necessarily want to remove it. At least I hope it didn't get deleted by the page administrator.

Michael Sanborn said...

Beats me. I'm a Republican. Guess I can't comment on my own party's website.

Neal said...

Put another comment up, Mike.

One of the biggest political mysteries of our day is how self-proclaimed conservatives can do anything other than support this issue. But it's just the opposite! Somehow it's become a partisan issue, and the party that ought to support it completely -- if their principles mean anything to them, at least -- are the Republicans.

Bob Newland said...

I finally took the time to read The Onion piece that Mike linked to. It's pretty funny. The Onion consistently succeeds at the toughest thing in show business; being funny time repeatedly over a long period of time.

This piece, however, did not require a great deal of creativity. It reads pretty much like straight reportage. Except the part about Paul Krugman's beard.

Hard to create satire about current news.