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Monday, October 11, 2010

When does a politician get to make grammatical errors?

Twice in this ad, Steph's narrator says, "When does a politician think they're above the law?" Okay class, what's wrong with that construction? And why would a person choose to construct the sentence that way? Hmmmmmm?

I think it's the well-known pronoun game, played when people don't want others to know the sex of the person about whom they are speaking. Hmmmm?


Bill Fleming said...

Maybe there is more than one Kristi? Or maybe she's talking about Kristi and the rest of her family?

(over 110 legal infractions in her immediate family)

Or yeah, maybe it's because "s/he" is too hard for an announcer to pronounce.

Interesting point, Bob.

In some cases, the law is morally wrong and needs to be changed. But not in Kristi's.

Besides, 6 failures to appear... two arrest warrants. What else is that if not contempt for the law?

Bob Newland said...

I'm not as concerned with Noem's contempt for the speed laws as I am with her contempt for her constituents. Same for Steph.

Marking gets my vote. This time. In office (fat chance) he has a chance to lose it.


Bill Fleming said...

Question for you Bob. If Marking weren't running, would you have voted on that race? Or left it blank?

Okay, I asked that for two reasons... first to see which candidate BTM is going to be a spoiler for [I know, bad grammar with the preposition at the end]... and second, to show off my proper use of subjunctive mood ["weren't" instead of "wasn't."]


Bob Newland said...

Absent Marking, that race is blank on my ballot, as are most races on my ballot.

Bill Fleming said...

Okay, Bob thanks. Now, do you have a feeing for how the pro-medical marijuana voters are leaning in terms of their choice for US House?

I'm getting the feeling there might be quite a few Marking votes there, actually.

Do you think it's possible he breaks 10%. 25%?

Bob Newland said...

I have been advising voters to mark Marking. So, he'll probably break 30%.

If he breaks 10%, 13 wins with 70%.

Mark(ing) my words, dude.

Leaving for the Eagles Lodge right now. See you there, right?

Wayne Gilbert said...

A person would choose to construct the sentence that way when they don't know any better.

Wayne Gilbert said...
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caheidelberger said...

Good grammar catch, Bob! And clever, Wayne. :-)

Douglas said...

This "They're" error is heard almost every day in TV national and local news coverage. If they used the "They are" instead, the error would be obvious to them.

What drives me up a wall is "Gunna" for "Going to" or better yet the simple "will".

"Fewer" and "less" seem to be used interchangeably and incorrectly also.