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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well, he's better'n Larry Long

The SoDak Sec. of State has a pretty good website, with lots of info about the ballot issues. I've pulled the Attorney General's synopsis of Initiated Measure 13.


Title: An Initiated Measure to authorize the possession, use and cultivation of marijuana by and for persons with specified debilitating medical conditions registered with the Department of Health.

Explanation: The proposed initiated measure would change state law to legalize marijuana possession, use, distribution and cultivation by persons registered with the South Dakota Department of Heath. These activities remain illegal under federal law.

Registration to use, possess and cultivate marijuana would require a certification from a
physician that the registrant has a debilitating medical condition and that the potential benefits of the marijuana use would likely outweigh the health risks. Minors may be registered with parental consent. The registrant may designate another person to cultivate, possess, and distribute marijuana for the registrant’s use. The designee must register with the Department and may provide only a limited amount of marijuana for a maximum of five registrants.

Schools, employers and landlords may not refuse to enroll, employ, or lease based upon
marijuana registration unless required by federal law. The proposed law does not require that a registrant be allowed to use marijuana in a workplace or on property owned by another.

A vote “Yes” is for legalizing marijuana for registrants and designees.

A vote “No” is against the proposed law.

I have one complaint about Jackley's synopsis. He should have said, "A vote 'Yes' is for legalizing possession and use of marijuana, under tightly controlled regulations, for people who have qualified under stringent rules, and legalizing possession of marijuana for their caretakers who have qualified under stringent rules."

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DDC said...

I was going through the ballot explanations today and was pretty impressed by them. About as impartial as you can get.