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Monday, October 4, 2010

A silence falls over the land.

I've sent the following note to quite a few legislators and hopefuls. Some, without exception Democrats, have replied, saying they support Measure 13. No Republicans have yet replied. Here's the question:

Hi (name of Rep. or Sen.).
Do you support or oppose Initiated Measure 13 in next month's election? Why?
Thank you.
Bob Newland

I surmise that those who support it largely are not afraid to say so, while those who oppose it are just sandbaggin', waiting until Nov. 3 to say, "I've always supported medical marijuana," or "I knew South Dakotans wouldn't accept medical marijuana."

It's easy to lead when you know the result in advance. When you don't, well....


repete said...

You just nailed the problem many people have with the teaparty.

Care to share who said what?

Bob Newland said...

I'll post a list of opposition, no replies, and supporters soon.