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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rock Garden Tour: Thumbs up or down?

I want to like the Rock Garden Tour (6 pm Saturdays on SDPRadio), but I just can't. I think it is booooorrrring.

Anyone with me?


caheidelberger said...

I am disappointed with the programming changes on SDPB. I feel similarly about RGT: I want to like local programming, but there's too much talk. It continues a long trend of SDPB moving away from music and toward more talk. I still miss losing the hour of classical music we used to get in the afternoon. And switching from classical overnight to the BBC News was an immense disappointment. If I'm up at 3 a.m., music is much more likely the relaxation I need.

I can't work with talk in the background. I also can't get the music SDPB plays from any other local radio station. I thus have to turn off the radio and turn on my favorite Internet station, CKUA in Alberta.

SDPB should bring back Folk Routes and Mountain Stage. On Sunday night, they should axe the repeat of This American Life (just not an evening program), pull all the music programming back up an hour, and round out the evening with more World Cafe. And Sunday morning absolutely needs to have St. Paul Sunday Morning!

Wayne Gilbert said...

I certainly agree the programming changes, and especially about Sunday morning. The repeat of a usually lame interview show has been a real disappointment to me, actually a little worse than Krista Tippett, whose interview style is to interject frequent vapid "hmmm"'s. This morning we were treated to a repeat of a show about obesity in South Dakota---the guest, a physician from Sioux Falls, didn't bother to research the most obvious question about the topic: the effect of low income on dietary decisions.

Bob Newland said...

I suspect that some of the program changes were in response to a trimmed budget.

caheidelberger said...

We clearly need to donate more to SDPB.

Douglas said...

Bits of the RGT are interesting or amusing and it is amusing that it appears to be made in South Dakota.

But,it needs more and better music and not sure the rock genre is the place to find it. Mix in some of the big band music, etc. and it might be a better mix.

This American Life is mostly just plain depressing most of the time and like many programs on public radio and TV takes material sufficient for 5 minutes and stretches it into a half or full hour.