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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Republicans are worried, I think, about Kristi

Having been invited on Facebook by Steve Wesolick to attend the Republican Ambassadors luncheon at the Holiday Inn today, I attended.

Rich Sattgast, Jason Gant, Dusty Johnson and Jarrod Johnson, statewide candidates for Treasurer, Sec. of State, PUC, and School and Public Lands, respectively, used most of their 5 minutes to emphasize how important it is to get out the vote for Kristi.

This suggests a couple of things to me. First, each of these candidates probably feels comfortable in his race, and I agree with that assessment. Any increase in voter turnout for Kristi will also be an increase in voter turnout for any of these candidates. Second, I sensed a bit of worry that Kristi might be losing.

Jason Gant was the only candidate who proposed a specific policy plank. He thinks a photo ID is a necessary part of a voter's gear at the polls. He said, "We want to avoid being an Ohio or Florida in a future election." The suggestion was that Democrats attempted to cheat the nation of President Bush in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. My suspicions lie in a different direction in those two elections.

I wore a sport coat full of YES on 13 buttons. It was a little like I had leprosy. No one was mean, but no one really wanted me hangin' near 'em, either. In the old days, I used to regularly experience offers to have the shit beat out of me. We Libertarians are changing the face of the Republican Party. Kinder. Gentler.


caheidelberger said...

Pix on that jacket? :-)

I'd like to read worry in those GOTV exhortations... but I can just as easily read it as, "I'm down-ticket. People aren't going to get out of the chair to vote for me. If I send people out on GOTV, I need to arm them with the 'Vote Kristi!' message, because she's the attention-getter."

As usual, I could be wrong.

Bob Newland said...

Your analysis is probably at least as educted as mine, Cory.

As for the request; you asked for it, you got it. There is (or soon will be) a photo of the jacket with pins on the topic post.