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Friday, October 29, 2010

On The Second Amendment

There has been much talk about South Dakotans' culture of hunting and the Second Amendment. The attached video needs no further explanation. Thanks to my friend Ken for bringing it to my attention.


Wayne Gilbert said...

As I have said on this forum before I believe that the second amendment confers a personal right to own and carry firearms, subject to the reasonable limitations and restrictions which are now in place prohibiting possession of them by felons, domestic violence offenders and other classifications. As a supporter of the right, I have to say that this emotional video contributes nothing of substance to the dialogue.

Bob Newland said...

Nothing of substance. At least until one finds himself or herself in a similar situation.

Bill Fleming said...

Pretty goofy. The woman lets a murderer off the hook and blames the legislature — basically threatening to shoot them all — because she forgot to put her gun in her purse.

I haven't heard such twisted logic in a long time. No wonder she's at empathy with her parents' murderer.

Sounds to me like they're both about equally nuts.

I can appreciate her remorse and her feeling of helplessness in the face of mayhem, but not her seeming suggestion that the solution should be even more mayhem directed at people who had nothing to do with her insane circumstance— people who would probably be inclined to giver her a fair hearing if only she wasn't suggesting that they should all be shot.

Les said...

Her rationalization for leaving the gun in purse is due to the laws disallowing us to carry in certain areas of our society Bill.

Her anger at the system shows through with those statements.

Wayne, you are not entirely right in your statement. The lady telling the legis that 2nd amend rights are here to protect us from them is exactly what the 2nd amend stands for, more so than personal defense!

Bill Fleming said...

Les, that's ridiculous. Think about it.

Basically you're saying she's afraid to carry her gun in her purse for fear she might be breaking the law in one breath, and then telling us she's ready to take arms and rise up against the government in the next breath.

The woman is bonkers. She needs to calm down and get a grip. I'm sorry she went through a horrific personal double trauma of course. Of course!

But the place to work out PTSD is in therapy, not in front of the legislature.


Wayne Gilbert said...

I'll stick with my nothing of substance comment. Unless you believe that the second amendment mandates all of us to carry guns around all the time. Self-defense in public places is a poor and potentially self-defeating basis for protecting our second amendment rights.

Les said...

Bill, I do not carry in courthouses, schools and federal buildings. This alone will have me disarmed some percentage of the time.

She is upset with those legislating laws that disarm us.

In the next breath she is letting them know, she believes as many do, that 2nd right is for protecting us from a gov that would take our freedoms as she claims they already have done.

Les said...

The substance I take from her, the 2nd amend is there to protect us from a government that would take our rights Wayne.

You are right, on a non substance aspect. Many would watch this and think we need more of a police state, to control these kinds of incidents with today's politically correct world. But not in the days of 76.

Bill Fleming said...

Les, I think she is deeply upset because she couldn't save her father and mother. Who wouldn't be?

That said, there is no guarantee that had she been armed ANY of them would have got out alive.

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