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Monday, October 4, 2010

Newland's address to SD Conservative Party postponed

Bill Napoli called me today to say that they had decided to postpone my proponent's address to the So. Dak Conservative Party at the Eagles Lodge tomorrow (10/5).

He said he thought they could snag Jo Prang to speak for the opposition on October 12 at 11:30 at the Eagles Lodge.

I hope so. Ms. Prang believes that people should be forced to buy the drugs she sells, whether or not they work.

Jo Prang at work selling dangerous drugs.
Everything in this picture can kill you. Cannabis can't.


taco said...

Jo is the perfect choice as she has consistently argued against anything which cuts into her profit margin:

d said...

Bob- I have known this woman for years. She is capable of being a real bitch on wheels. There is no gray area for her. She will most likely try to get you to lose your cool, but I know you have the power ! She has her pat answers, but if you can get her into a question from a different angle, she will most likely stumble a bit.