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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The attack is on

Of course, when Herseth Sandlin realized she really actually honestly was behind in the polls, the Democrats came up with Kristi Noem's driving record, (which is not good).

There were a lot of cushy feel-good ads from both sides. They didn't say much.

Then there was the "it's a trick alright"

Of course, she has at times voted more conservatively than 53 percent of the House, because Nancy allowed it.

But then came the following ad...Sorry Stephanie...

This was the ad I had been waiting to see.

And then there came the board game ad (I call it the bored game ad).

Can't seem to get it to post in correct width. See it here.

I'm not thrilled with this ad. I don't think a campaign ought to be child's play. The ad didn't work for me.

About this time, the Rasmussen Poll finds Noem returning to the top of the race...just barely.

But she followed with the hard-hitting ad below:

Which caused the inevitable (and ungrammatical) negative from Stephanie:

There's a lot to digest here. I've said I think this race is going to be very close, too close for Rasmussen to call. But, I believe Stephanie's decision to re-address the issue of Noem's driving record may backfire...right when she needs the opposite.

The Democratic Party has thrown Herseth Sandlin under the bus and taken some promised, and needed dough. Noem is collecting money faster and for the moment has the more effective message. It is yet to be seen whether Herseth Sandlin's speeding ticket ad will produce the results they need. Personally, I think the voters are sick of it.


There are a couple of Herseth Sandlin ads that I do like. They follow:

And, reluctantly, I'll say this was probably an effective ad:

My only problem with it is that I don't believe it's true. We have advertising people all over this blog...what say you Forumpians? Disregard the candidate...who's agency is doing the better job?


larry kurtz said...

The ad exposing Noem as a scofflaw had me expecting a motorcycle appearing at that intersection.

Noem is just one more Motorcycle Intersection Lampooning Fatalism.

Michael Sanborn said...

I think you're right. I think it was something that needed to be brought up. But, now they are basing their entire campaign on it. Because they dare not base it on anything else.

repete said...

I just one of the jaded few?
I think the political polarization we experience makes all the ads either preaching to the choir or just meaningless, political posturing noise by an obviously corrupt party...

A better question might be, Do ANY of these ads make you change your mind about who you will vote for?

Do game changing ads even exist anymore?

Bill Fleming said...

Stephanie's ads have the better production value if that's what you mean, Mike. Better lighting, camera work, graphic design, continuity, etc.

As far as message goes, I'd have to go with Steph again, mostly because she has more to choose from in terms of script. The creative challenge for Team Kristi is, how many ways can you make SHS look like Nancy Pelosi.

I also look at TV as having to have some entertainment value. Like it or not, it's the price of admission on TV.

And for that, I'd have to give the prize to Marking. Too bad he didn't have the money to run this ad early on in his campaign:

Second would go to the Monopoly spot. Kristi's son Booker is a natural. I get that you don't care for it, but I like it. It made me feel good about all of them.


caheidelberger said...

[Michael! I saw you had trouble embedding that board game ad at the right width. Grab the code again, then change the width and height parameters at the beginning and the end:

...object width="425" height="264"...
allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="264"...

See if that works!]

Thad Wasson said...

SHS has the most effective ad showing the speeding tickets of Noem. Everyone above the age of 18can relate to getting pulled over, but not everyone can relate to Pelosi, or what she represents.o

repete said...

ABC News seems to think we have
Another Sarah Palin...
But Noem says she doesn't want Sarah to come and campaign for her...