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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

War College baits and switches

Go to War College. Read the topic and comments. Now consider that Phat Phlowers asked me for a response, which he called goofy and "no response," then shut off the comments section to me.

Here is the last thing I sent, and which told me I was barred when it did not appear.

Okay. I don't think PP wants a serious discussion, but on the off chance that he doesn't get tired and run away as he has been wont to do in the past, I'll post away for the benefit of those who think PP brings up serious points.

No doubt you've heard of legal precedent. In my illustration concerning alcohol prohibition I posted "nonsense" about a clearly legal way to change both state and federal laws. PP says "Y'can't do it because it's illegal." We say, "Okay, then, let's make it legal." PP says, "It's illegal because it's illegal." We say, "Yes. And...?"

Guarantee of quality control? Where do you get that with anything?

Quality control for what reason? To stop the medicine from killing people? Cannabis has never killed anyone. Ever. People like PP's cop friends kill people because they think they might have some cannabis.

To stop caregivers from supplying their patients with crap that doesn't alleviate their pain or nausea? Gee, I guess if the medicine ain't workin' ya gotta try a different medicine. Oh, but that's what this is all about, isn't it?

With absolutely no basis, PP says, "I asked about prescribing MM for Minors, and you cited some [goofy] justification of it being used in the treatment of autism." Do you believe that cannabis has no medical application? Now , THAT's goofy.

The court already deals regularly with divorced parents who disagree on courses of action to take with children in all aspects of their lives. IM13 takes care of the DSS aspect. If it doesn't, the courts will.

Your red herring about property and employer rights and a "new protected class" may or may not be a deciding factor in the election. However, everything you say puts the lie on your self-ascribed antipathy towards the nanny state.

You can't describe a single harmful factor about cannabis that is not caused or exacerbated by the laws prohibiting its possession.


Bob Ellis said...

Legalizing this intoxicant has created fresh crime in California and Montana, proving that the lie about legalizing it to bring down crime was, well, a lie.

Legalizing this intoxicant also has no bearing on the physical health hazards associated with marijuana--which have been described as greater than smoking cigarettes--other than to make these health problems more prolific.

Legalizing this intoxicant has no bearing on the mental health issues associated with smoking marijuana--other than making these mental health problems more prolific.

Nope, no problem at all (as long as you keep your eyes and ears firmly shut). More intoxicated people also makes society a much better place, too (if you're prone to intoxication yourself)

Bob Newland said...

Clear as a salamander polliwog kickin' ass in an oyster bar.

I'll bet you edit dictionaries, Ellis.

Bob Newland said...

One o' the problems with stupid people is that it doesn't take brains to press keys and push "publish."

Bob Newland said...

Or a conscience.

taco said...

Eliis, first of all, the "intoxicant" is not legalized anywhere in the U.S. - please try to be careful with your words if you want to be taken seriously.

Moreover, there is no statistical evidence that crime has increased anywhere because of medicinal marijuana - some of us have gone to college or otherwise have educated ourselves so we rely upon statistics or findings made pursuant to the scientific method - you have no such data because none exists. What does exist are doctors who believe that sick persons chances for survival depend upon use of medical marijuana.

Like it or not, most South Dakotans, this fall, are going to make a choice to quit denying sick people the medicine they need!

repete said...

Just more scared lies from Bob Ellis.
"created fresh crime" - I imagine that's true, but you pompously ignored ALL the THOUSANDS of people that were NOT arrested and jailed for MJ offenses.

Net total MJ crime is WAY down.

If you were honorable enough to back up your own words with some searchable facts, you would have, but you are not and did not.

larry kurtz said...

From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: "But violent crime does not appear to be on the rise in Gallatin Valley since medical marijuana was legalized, law-enforcement officials said."


Ken G said...

One things for sure, studies like the one linked below make no difference to folks like Ellis. Science means nothing to these guys, unless it suits their cause. The causes supported by these guys usually consists of limiting freedoms and wasting billions of taxpayers dollars accomplishing none of their goals ... ever. Like the war on drugs, great job Ellis. We now have more addicts, more drugs and more crime. Heck you guys can't even keep drugs out of our state of the art prisons, but ol' Bobby thinks we're winning the war to keep them off our streets ... priceless. Oh and by the way Ellis, the Mexican drug cartels send their regards to folks like you. They now rival Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in their net worth, now that's something to be proud of huh?

Inhaled Marijuana Clearly Has Medical Value

Published the first week of September / 2010
Journal of the Canadian Medical Association
“Herbal cannabis … significantly reduced average pain scores compared with … cannabis placebo in adult participants. … We found significant improvement in measures of sleep quality and anxiety. … Our results support the claim that smoked cannabis reduces pain, improves mood, and helps sleep.”

PP said...

Bob -

Did you ever consider actually asking why a comment didn't appear? You get a better response with honey than battery acid.

It kicked to my spam box.

Considering I'd allowed your previous responses, I'm not sure why you would not ask, as opposed to going off in the corner to cry about it.

Topics involving illegal drugs have a tendency by the spam filter to be regulated tighter.

larry kurtz said...

Pat, Newland has excercised incredible grit by allowing Ellis to post here. Afford the respect to post.

"strive," no shit.

larry kurtz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Newland said...

Well, Powers, your past behavior makes the disappearance of a comment mighty suspicious. It's been your practice in the past to censor dissent.

Yes, you posted the comment finally. But you have yet to respond.

Here is a question for you, PP. Does cannabis have any therapeutic value for anyone?

larry kurtz said...

Bob, maybe sticking to the facts and losing the vituperative grenades might get through to the people that read but do not comment. You're not going to move the entrenched mariphobes.

Pat is baiting us over there. Bill provided a great link; maybe you could take a minute and read through it.