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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trooper Oxner is a sociopath.

A couple of weeks ago a guy called me. He'd been driving east near Box Elder with NH plates and was pulled over by notorious HP Trooper Oxner, going four over. The driver was white, about 25, and his passengers were three young black men with dreads. (Four people under 30; that's "four over" I guess.)

Oxner scared the driver into giving up a pipe and a pinch of weed. He ticketed the driver with "possession of paraphernalia." He then ticketed each passenger with being in the car with a person with a pipe and took $270 from each one on the spot. There is no law against being near a person with paraphernalia. The passengers will have to return to Rapid City to contest the highway robbery. Of course, that's not economically viable, and that amounts to extortion on the part of the sociopathic Trooper Oxner.

A week later a woman called me who had been pulled over by Oxner for driving with Colorado plates in SD. She gave up her small stash and pointed out her edible cannabis products to Oxner. She also produced a CO medical card. Oxner asked what medical condition she had that required cannabis.

She told him of her fibromyalgia. He said, "That's not good enough in SD. You don't have cancer or glaucoma." He ticketed her for possession of paraphernalia, took her cannabis medicine and a pipe, and ticketed her passenger for being in the car ($270 again). He let her take her edible cannabis preparations with her.

His comments are a joke. Cannabis is illegal in SD, period. Jes' funnin' with the outastate hicks, I guess.

I see in the Journal today that Oxner just took 78 pounds of cannabis "off the street" from a guy with KY plates. The story says Oxner's dog indicated presence of cannabis during a walkaround. Oxner's dog has never failed to "indicate" whenever Oxner wants to search. No one knows how many people Oxner has searched after an "indication" and not found cannabis. They don't complain; they just leave black marks trying to avoid spending any money in SD.

But a Kentucky guy will suck up So. Dak. funds being tried and doing time for weed that would never have seen the light in So. Dak. had it not been for the sociopathic Trooper Oxner. Way to win.


larry kurtz said...

These stops are when we should go to our favorite online board, like Craigslist, and post warnings to stay the fuck out of Bill Janklow's Thunderdome.

"Warning! I-90 Eastbound through South Dakota, aggressive, intrusive interdiction using dogs. Traverse of South Dakota is avoidable; consider another route."

Duffer said...

. . . and the SD Supreme Court (3-2 vote) allows this to happen. Three justices do not believe in the right to privacy - prosecutors and cops just pee their pants with this kind of support.

I personally observed Oxner entrapping and bullying a young man at a rest area in Western SD a while back. Dude wasn't bothering anyone.

What are these creeps going to do with themselves when cannabis is legal?

repete said...

Missouri judges are starting to look at the cost of the sentencing.
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larry kurtz said...

Jumping around, sorry. This from one of my favorite public radio shows.

"somacy" funny

repete said...

I wonder what folks would think if they knew how much Oxner actually costs us with courts and jail and related expenses...

Is there any way to know what his arrest record is? Story line, Oxner costs SD taxpayers $Xmillion dollars in his over zealous lust to catch MJ infractions, even medical patients with out of state licenses.

DDC said...

Is it even legal for a trooper to accept payment for fines on the spot like that?

Bob Newland said...

It's more complicated than that, Repete. The feds bribe local copshops to inflate the arrest numbers for "drug" cases. Thus you get gangs of thieves like the Joint Drug Task Forces of various jurisdictions.

In a really twisted way, Oxner pays his keep. His arrests alone assure the So. Dak. Highway Patrol its share of the federal loot. On top of that, he's busted some large amounts of cash, which he charged with having been suspicious, then arrested. That cash is now doing life (not very long) in the hands of the Attorney General. More candy.

The AG and all his cops and lawyers and judges are now addicted to arresting "drug" users. They can't imagine life after stopping busting people for nothing.