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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Street corner rally Sept. 24

Friday, Sept. 24th.
4:30: Staging Grounds at 7th and St Joe by Jefferson statue, prepare signs for rally.
5:00: 8th and St. Joe; show placards to traffic going by.
6:00: Post-rally march to 1228 Quincy; meet Mathew Murray (independent candidate for SD House, Dist. 32)


Bob Ellis said...

Is Mr. Murray a supporter of legalizing marijuana for "medical" purposes? If so, has he shared this with the voters? I'm pretty sure the voters would be interested to know, one way or the other.

taco said...

Ellis, yeah "medical purposes" is such bullshit. Those people going through chemo are just trying to get high, right? Also, their doctors just want to see those chemo goers high, right? Have some compassion!

Bob Ellis said...

I'm not so much concerned with anyone fitting the description you provided, but rather the pot heads who would like to ride the "medical" marijuana vehicle to a good high.

I'm still rather curious if Mr. Murray is a supporter of legalizing "medical" marijuana in South Dakota. Hopefully Mr. Newland or Mr. Murray will clue the voters in. The voters should, after all, know who and what they're voting for.

taco said...

Ellis, fair enough except no on IM13 means making, for example, chemo patients criminals if they dare to flout the law. That is wrong. The right of the individual should trump the socialist "IM13 is bad for society" rhetoric you've been espousing.

DDC said...


A lot of murders use guns to kill people. Should we ban all guns to stop those murderers from riding the hunting, self-defense & deterring oppression vehicle to commit their crimes?

Duffer said...

Casual observer here . . .

I don't think Mr. Ellis understands the electorate in western SD. Bet the proposal has stronger support here than East River come election day - disregarding the venom spewed by himself - and Senator Stan. Stan will say (and do) anything to remain Senator Stan.

Ken G said...

Ellis says:
"rather the pot heads who would like to ride the "medical" marijuana vehicle to a good high."

Potheads have no problem getting a good high now, beings it goes un-regulated, its everywhere. In case you've missed the news, it's now being mass produced in our national forests, and their subsequent decimation is just another detrimental aspect of its prohibition. Pot could not be more accessible Bob (ask any teenager), medical marijuana changes none of that.

Would you support banning pain killers for the sole reason some abuse them?

As far as a politician supporting medical marijuana, I could care less. But I would not vote for a candidate opposed to it.

Bob Newland said...

Mat Murray is accessible via any of several internet media. If you really care, you'll find a way to ask him yourself.