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Thursday, September 9, 2010

MIsinformation? From law enforcement? No!

In the post below, Bill Dithmer says, "...the proponents of IM13 are going to have more trouble with misinformation then anything else in this election."

We're dealing with an issue on which the federal government has published almost nothing except misinformation for 70 years. The gummint got most of its information from William Randolph Hearst, whose manufacture of stories of nice white boys being given "marijuana" (a term unknown to 99.9% of the people in the USA in the 1920s and 1930s) by nasty Negroes, Greeks, Dagos, and Wetbacks ran in most of his 200-some newspapers fairly frequently during the time he was trying to get Congress to legislate against hemp production (pre-1937, when he got his wish). In the stories the nice white boys smoked a joint then went home and carved up their grandmothers with meat cleavers.

I can't think of another issue on which the US gummint has published such a variety of out-and-out lies for so long. Vietnam was an example of lie after lie, but that only lasted about 15 years. Iraq and Afghanistan have only been an issue for us for about 30 years, and the documentable lies have only run rampant since 9/11.

Dithmer and Larry Kurtz make some suggestions about how to communicate honestly on the issue to potential voters. All it takes is money. Emmett put this issue on the ballot in an amazing effort with almost no money. This marked the first time the issue has ever been put on a ballot (in any state) without substantial out-of-state help. By substantial, I mean more than the few hundred dollars sent by some folks who don't now live in SD.

We can win this election with a paltry sum (by normal campaign advertising standards) to produce a few TV ads with MedCan patients who now have to make themselves criminals in order to survive. If you'd like to help, go to the YES on 13 site.


Bob Ellis said...

As usual, you lie about lies, and you lie about lies in each of the examples you gave.

There were good reasons for fighting to keep the people of South Vietnam free, but of course none of these matters for you.

There were a host of good reasons for the invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan, but you aren't interested in truth there, either. You are too committed to your anti-American ideology.

Finally, there is plenty of fresh data which shows the physical and mental heath hazards of smoking pot, plenty of examples of the problems caused by legalizing this poison, and plenty of alternative pain medications. How odd it must be to consider it odd that it might not be good for a person to consume substances which their body was obviously not meant to consume.

Again, you are not interested in any of these facts either because they interfere with your agenda to legalize dope, and you aren't about to allow silly things like facts and reality to interfere with your desire to live in a pot-hazed fantasy world.

When most folks are confronted with the choice of whether to believe those whose job it is to protect the safety and welfare of their fellow citizens...and a dope peddler, the credibility gap makes it a pretty simple decision.

I am under no illusions that any of this will get through to your dope-addled brain, but any open-minded person who happens to stumble across your propaganda outlet deserves to have a lifeline to reality which dispels the dangerous bull you peddle.

larry kurtz said...

Restraint, Newland. He's paid off. Use him as bait.

Neal said...

Ellis is pretty funny. It's like he's trying to write satire ... but he's not!

Don't delete him. He helps the cause more by talking.