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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Honkin' the Compassion on Sept. 24

Harry Truman takes obvious pride in his support for Measure 13 and for Mat Murray.

I won't deny it. There are perks to advocacy and carrying the Lord's message to the drivers of Dodge Challengers. One of them is that beautiful young women sometimes tolerate my presence.

Occasionally, though, y'run into a dog. This one had just pissed on Truman's shoe.

Most of us at the corner observed that Dodge Challenger drivers didn't honk much, while EVERY Dodge Charge driver honked. Go figure. Across the spectrum about half the people who crossed the intersection of 8th & St. Joe (Friday 9/24) between 5 and 6 PM honked at us. If you count only Mercedes and BMW owners, the rate climbs to about 97%. One hundred percent of van owners honked.

Now go donate us some pizza money. Volunteers have to be fed, you know.

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larry kurtz said...

Looks like a great turnout, Bob. You da man!

Anyone from the Northern Hills?