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Monday, August 30, 2010

Vote yes on IM13.

For nine days, Emmett Reistroffer helped
Central States Fair visitors filter their
feelings about allowing sick, disabled and
dying people to alleviate
their suffering.


larry kurtz said...

Will Emmett be running for office or running from South Dakota?

Bob Newland said...

Emmett is torn between becoming the Saviour of South Dakota and raising tomatoes on a collective in northern California.

larry kurtz said...

Here's a thoughtful story from the Billings Gazette.

taco said...

Story on 1st pot commercial:

DDC said...

How fitting. The person behind the "pro pot" commercial is also opposed to California's Prop 19 (legalization). Gotta protect your government-enforced monopoly, I guess.

Bill Fleming said...

Anybody seen any recent polling on this?

Ken G said...

Shepard Smith / FOX News: “Are you kidding me? Compared to Oxycontin and Percocet, the side effects of marijuana are serious?”

A piece about medical marijuana patients being fired from jobs for using medical marijuana. Bravo Shepard, he nails this guy, asking why employees whom use much more dangerous pain killers don't get fired, but medical pot users do.

DDC said...


Are you asking about Prop 19 in Cali or IM 13 here?

The polling for Prop 19 is all over the map. I haven't seen anything about IM 13 here in SD.

taco said...

Thank you for the link, Ken G. Good job, Shepard Smith.