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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Not that it surprises me, but it appears the War College, South Dakota's answer to Pravda, has removed the Forum from its list of blogs whose posts appear in the column on the right. I can imagine that Pat Powers, the owner, finally got tired of looking at evidence that he makes political decisions (who gets to do what to whom) based on transparently faulty evidence. I'm saying he is either willfully ignorant, malicious, stupid, or crazy (not that any of those qualities are necessarily exclusive of any of the others).


Anonymous said...

Too bad, this is one of the very best SD blogs.

Bill Fleming said...

His aggregate feeder hiccups sometimes. Usually a little note to him gets you back on. I used to think he was bumping us too, but no, every time I pointed it out to him, he'd put us back on there. Same hing happened with Mike a few times. Just send him an email and see what happens.