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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feinstein on board with Bob Ellis

Feinstein's Nanny Senate Bill Forces Patients to Smoke Pot
by Brinna Nanda

In another misguided attempt to tell the American People that that are too stupid to know what is good for them, Dianne Feinstein (D), Senator from California introduced a bill (S258) that would force medical cannabis patients to smoke marijuana by doubling the federal penalties for distributing medical marijuana edibles.

Coyly named "Saving Kids from Dangerous Drugs Act," Senate Bill 258, makes no exception for medical cannabis. Since there is no nationwide movement to lace children's candy with LSD, heroin, or methamphetamines, clearly, this bill is targets legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries operating in states that have legalized it as medicine.

If this bill, which comes up soon for a floor vote, passes, patients who use edibles to relieve pain, ease digestion, or reduce neuropathy will be driven to smoke marijuana rather than ingesting it orally.

Though significant studies have shown that marijuana smoke does not cause cancer, and may even to protect against it, all smoke contains particulate matter which can irritate the lungs. While vaporizing the medication can go a long way to relieve this irritation, edibles supply a sustained, longer-lasting dose of medication, that, for instance, can carry a patient, pain-free, throughout the night.

The full text of the bill can be read here.


DDC said...

But it's fer da keeds!

Bob Ellis said...

I suppose that just as a broken clock can be right twice a day, so even a liberal can get something right every now and then.

And they say miracles don't happen...

Bob Newland said...

Ahhh, but BobE, you have a great deal in common with Ms. Feinstein. After all, both of you want to run my life.

DDC said...

Actually, I would think that Mr Ellis would be against this bill. after all, the biggest problem he seems to have with marijuana is that it is usually smoked. Or at least that seems to be one of his main complaints.

DDC said...

Bob, your link to the text of the bill didn't carry over. When you search for a bill in Thomas, the page that you end up on is a "Search Page". Those links are only good for 30 minutes. The best way to come up with a good link is to "Browse" for the bill.

Here's a link that (hopefully) won't die:


Bill Dithmer said...

What the hell is this world coming to? First they tell everyone that the smoke is bad for you. Then when it has been proven that the smoke isn't bad for you they want you to smoke and only smoke.

In California it has become common practice for those that use medical marijuana to use vaporizers. No smoke and several benefits that most wouldn’t notice unless told. First off you can set right beside a person using a vaporizer and not smell a thing. This wouldn’t be a problem for me but I can see where it would be for some. The reasons for doing this are many. Some don’t want to advertize that they have to use medical marijuana. Some don’t want the smell to get in their cloths or hair. But the main reason that they use this type of delivery system is because it is the most efficient in terms of cost.

These people have gotten pretty good at making their pot go as far as they can. Medical marijuana is very expensive When they use a vaporizer the marijuana that has been vaporized looks just about the same as it did before it was used except it is browner in color. They then take what is left and make cannabis butter out of it and use that butter to make brownies, cookies, cake, butter for French bread, garlic butter pasta, and just about anything else you can use butter for. This is a much longer lasting intense form of medical pot. It allows the user to eat something before they go to bed and not have to re medicate in the middle of the night. I wont go into how the butter is made, only to say that THC bonds with fat molecules. Please senator "say it isn't so".

Bill Fleming said...

Alice B. Toklas would be so distressed.