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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So what do Forumpians think?

J.P. Duniphan loses by a mudslide

Better put: Kraus wins by a mudslide...
"those weren't MY comments (wink wink)!"

Clearly there was no reason for Kraus' flakey buddies to distribute a pack of lies about Duniphan, and they could hardly be blamed for the utterly lop-sided Kraus victory.

Duniphan may not be the most conservative candidate to ever wear an elephant pin. I live in a different district, so I didn't have a vote, not that it would matter much.

I believe Duniphan's ties to Stan Adelstein during all the hub-bub in the race against Schweisow probably hurt her. She's not much interested in making law that will be challenged in the Supreme Court, for which we haven't the funds to defend.

Gay Marriage and Abortion.

The state cannot afford to mount a Supreme Court defense of laws on these topics that will likely be overturned.

I know this is going to piss off the likes of Bob Ellis, who'll march in here and proclaim me to be a pinko liberal. But, the fact is, right now South Dakota has issues more pressing than challenging accepted law, in the face of several initiatives in which voters have made it clear they're not interested.

Duniphan gets that. But the voters didn't, in this case. I'd bet here and now that among the first things Kraus does in office is to sponsor or co-sponsor anti gay legislation and legislation further restricting reproductive rights.

That is what the voters in her district voted for. That is what they'll get.


Bob Newland said...

A pox on her flocks.

caheidelberger said...

Michael, I know pinko liberals. I am a pinko liberal. You are no pinko liberal.

But I appreciate your willingness to prioritize pressing issues over culture war grandstanding.

On behalf of my party, I apologize for not fielding a Dem to offer you a a palatable alternative.

Born too late said...

Kraus's tragedy is she was born too late to partake in the great German social engineering of the 1930s and 1940s.