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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shad makes mornings even worse than they were.

For a few months, I've been tuning to 1150 AM, KIMM radio in Rapid City at 8 am (after Morning Edition on SDPR) to catch the last hour of Imus in the Morning. Monday, I tuned in as usual, only to hear the mouth-frothing of Shad Olson, of late the KOTA TV anchor.

You may have been so unfortunate as to have caught his short-lived KOTA radio program two days a week, a drivel-laden rant that only lasted a few weeks. Well, he's back, and it's even worse. You really have to listen to about ten minutes to appreciate how bad it is.

I give him two weeks before the stations pull the show. Here are the stations that he claims on his website carry his show. I assume they all air at 8 am daily, but I can't vouch for any except KIMM.

KIMM: AM 1150 Rapid City SD
KIMM: FM 106.7 Rapid City

KBFS: AM 1450 Belle Fourche SD

KVSH: AM 940 Valentine NE

KYDT: FM 103.1 Sundance WY

So, now at 8 am to 9 am, I have my choice of the quintessentially annoying Laura Ingraham on KTOQ, the snoringly boring Don Grant on KOTA, Morning Classics on SDPR, or any of a dozen horribly bad rock or country stations.


larry kurtz said...

You could drive up to Mt. Roosevelt to get Wyoming Public Radio after Morning Edition. There are morels and oyster mushrooms up there right now. Send me a picture and wave in the direction of the Big Horns.

Bob Ellis said...

Yes, the truth is very annoying when one is determined not to live by it.

I hear the "tolerant" liberals in our area are working hard with an organized campaign against Shad. Perhaps that's why you "give him two weeks before the stations pull the show;" you're figuring your fellow apostles of tolerance can demonize him off the radio by then.

But maybe, just maybe, there are enough people tired of all the liberal bilge that spews out of speakers and TV sets and newspaper pages every day who will call in and commend him for providing a much-needed dose of common-sense and patriotic American values.

Bill Fleming said...

Bob Newland, go with the classical stuff.

Bob Ellis, what kind of music do you enjoy, big fella?

Are tubas involved?

taco said...

Are tubas involved? LOL. Fleming, that was actually really, really funny.

larry kurtz said...

Ellis likes Die Walk├╝re, of course. It smells like napalm in the morning.

Bob Newland said...

hey, Kurtz, I'll be in Sheridan Fri or Sat. want to have lunch or something?

email me
call me 605-255-4032

Bob Newland said...

assuming Sheridan is near where you are

larry kurtz said...

You're a dear but I'm another 325 mi. west and north. I'll be through Rapid in about two weeks, would love to hook up.

Go over to ip and roll a big bomber.

larry kurtz said...

Oh, and quit picking on Fleming.


Thad Wasson said...

Be patient, callers will be taken soon.

FF said...

WTF is wrong with you people!? The more attention you give this, the longer it will be around.

You're doing it a wonderful service by giving it the platform to be controversial. Ignore it like I do most of you. That program has about as much depth as the Empire State Building, so if you quit giving it wings, it's going to drown in it's own tea-filled cesspool.

Tess Franzen said...

Thanks! I'll have to catch the show.

Tess Franzen said...
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Jackrabit1 said...

I broadcast a game for KIMM-AM when St. Thomas More was at the Hanson Classic a few years ago...

I'm still waiting for my check.