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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes, and what have you been doing for the most recent eight years?

Was listening to a journalist talk about Guantanamo today on WBUR. He said detainees there can take classes for, among other things, "resume preparation."

"So, Mr. Al Nurabi, I'm fascinated by your extensive training in fingernail removal."


Not sure what you're getting at, Bob said...

I wonder if they offer a course titled, "Imperial dragnet avoidance for Afghani taxi drivers, ca. 2001-2002."

Bill Fleming said...

Bob, everybody knows you're supposed to lie on your resume. It's the American way, man.

I'm thinking:

"Civil Engineer" - 3 years, Saudia Arabia
"Community Organizer" - 2 years, Afghanistan
"Human Resource Department" - 5 years, Cuba
"Paralegal Assistant" - 3 Years, Cuba

Four languages, pilot training, explosives expert.

And like that.

Bob Newland said...

I think it would be (for many) more like:

Born 1985.
1991-1998: School
1998-2001: Goatherder
2001-2011: Prisoner, experiencing fingernail extraction and career resume preparation.

Statement: I was herding goats. I saw a guy dressed like me pointing at me. He was talking to an U.S. Army guy. The Army guy gave the other guy some money. Then he told a bunch of U. S. Army guys to grab me. That was the last time I saw anybody I know.

Bill Fleming said...

Naw, too truthful, Bob. That's why they need the classes. To learn how to spin it.

Bill Fleming said...

I mean, why go back to goatherding? He's famous now. Hey, if Sarah Palin can do it...