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Monday, May 10, 2010

What would God do?

Mike's post about the preachers' objections to the nude statuary gelled something that has been sloshing around in my cranial cavity for a while. The preachers' objections presumably have something to do with what God wants for us, right? And they presume to have a clue about that, right?

That drives me nuts. God has all power, right? I mean, He can do anything. In fact, He does, right? Thy will be done, right? So, wasn't it God's will that caused the sculptures to be made and installed? Folks are all the time invoking the "It was God's will" phrase to explain or excuse the otherwise unimaginable.

Really? Does anything happen that is NOT God's will? If so, how? God has the power to make it happen or not. So it must be that everything is predetermined. If not, then what good is He (She?)?

But then, some really crazy ugly shit happens. Take Bill Janklow's whole life, for example. That's 'cause some crazy ugly evil shitbastard offends God's will, right? The logical thing to have happen would be that God just takes the asshole out, right there.

So does God joke around with us and let Bill Janklow go back to makin' half a million dollars a year after doing something for which most of the rest of us would still be in jail? WTF?


Neal said...

Makes me think of the guy on Jeopardy a few months back. He was a man of some sort of cloth, and was lucky or skilled enough to win a few times. After each win he'd look up to the sky and mouth the words "thank you" or something to that effect. Apparently he thought God was responsible for granting him the victory. I don't think he considered that his actions implied that God apparently did NOT favor the other two contestants.

When he lost I noticed that he didn't thank God. Nor did the person who won.

Bill Fleming said...

Neal, you s'pose the devil got involved in there somewhere along the line? Prob'ly huh? ;^) That dang ol' devil, man. You just never know when he'll come in and screw everything up for a guy. Lordy, lordy.