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Friday, May 7, 2010

This is why they want me to keep my mouth shut.

Columbia MO SWINE Team kicks down door, shoots two dogs. For nothing.

Try to make it through this police video without puking.

Thanks to Ken G for providing the link.


taco said...

I'm glad that vicious dogs, such as Corgi's, are being shot so the police can confiscate a small amount of a plant far, far less dangerous than alcohol.

Great Nation - RIP said...

The cops here should lose their jobs, as should the judge who approved this bogus forced entry, night time search warrant. They should consider themselves lucky that vengeance isn't taken out on them - other than through the timidity of the court room.

"Intelligence" - my butt. Seven year old kids live in homes 24/7, how could they not know a kid lived there other than willful blindness. The US crossed the line to being a police state. One sad fact is cops are killed or hurt in the line of duty. One far sadder fact is that cops kill and hurt far, far people some in the line of duty and many through excessive force.

This is also a classic case of prosecutors stacking charges to coerce a defendant to plead guilty to something, anything to close the cases and get behind this unconstitutional indignity.

This is what we waste policing resources on when the banksters steal the nation blind.

Ken G said...

Bob I appreciated you putting this link up. When I first saw this story it made me sick to my stomach. The more people that see what is really taking place across America on a near daily basis, the better.

No matter what your take on pot is, if you support this type of policing you'd have done well with the Nazi's in the lead up to World War II.

The thing that gets me is the fact that this happens so frequently. Sure, if there is a known terrorist or someone's being held hostage, bust the damn door down, shoot dogs, whatever. Unfortunately what happens too often is they get the wrong house, bad information, whatever, and they end up busting into the wrong house. In many cases children and the elderly have been mistakenly murdered. Yes murdered, is how I see it.

My grandfather fought the Nazi's in World War II, so I thought, for these exact same things, mainly over gossip spread by neighbors. What stops a pissed of employee from falsely telling the drug cops that his boss is a drug dealer, only to have his doors busted down, dogs killed and children terrorized? Only to find out there were never any drugs, just a pissed off former employee. This could happen to anyone of us. Am I mistaken, or was our Constitution and Bill of Rights supposed to save us from this type of policing?

Patriot said...

If rational courts and legislatures don't stop this illegitimate unlawful behavior soon enough the people will.

Never forget the "courts" justified all the crimes against US Blacks before the civil rights era, and all the actions of the Reich's Nationalists.

Douglas said...

Around 40 years ago, I was attending grad school in Rochester, NY. One of the first anti-drug raids made under Nixon admin no knock or whatever was catch phrase then in Rochester hit the wrong house.

The front door was smashed, the homeowner and wife dragged into the street naked.

Police and city objected to even paying for the door they had smashed.

That should have been the equivalent of a canary in the coal mine.