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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shad Olson resigns KOTA, plans regional radio show.

Read the RC Journal story.

Go to his website.


culace said...

Same Old Shit, Same Old Self-inflated Airbag. I'll bet dollars to dimes he isn't strong enough to support himself past the 2012 elections (at which time he'll be sufficiently puffed up to run for mayor or senate). pffffttttt

Wayne Gilbert said...

He's gonna be Rush Limbaugh's

FF said...

SOS will always stand for shit on a shingle.

Wayne Gilbert said...

"Firebrand and veteran writer, broadcast journalist and radio talk theologian” seeks position with "creative leniency."

Matt Rankin said...

I couldn't get over the name "shad" for news delivery, let alone anything more serious. Only "shad" I have ever heard of... I would love to interview his parents. One of the more verbally gifted in a sea of retardation.