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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jordan Mason beards Lloyd LaCroix

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Wayne Gilbert said...

If Mr. Mason in fact said that, I think it's irresponsible campaigning on his part, and I wouldn't vote for him for dogcatcher-not my ward though so my opinion is irrelevant.

Thad Wasson said...

There is an investigation into the landfill and some city employess have been fired and new procedures have been put in place to limit theft at the city dump.

It appears to be a true statement.

taco said...

I wouldn't refrain from voting for someone because of one or even a few statements (even if such statements echos the sentiments of many). I would, however, refrain from voting for someone if they authorized spending over 20,000.00 to censure someone for doing their job.

It is hard to believe that Lloyd is touting "positive relationships" when he tried to destroy Sam Kooiker, an act which did far more harm to Rapid City than Mr. Mason ever could.

Vote against the censure, vote for an intelligent public servant, vote Mason!

Bill Fleming said...

Jordan IS immature and a hothead sometimes and admits it himself. That would be his best defense.

Conversely, if he tries to frame LaCroix as a "crook" he'll have a fight on his hands, and will deserve everything that comes to him.

He should move to retract his insult immediately.

And he should stop listening to idiots like Taco.

taco said...

Fleming, we have had our debates, but I have never insulted you by calling you a name.

Bill Fleming said...

Just trying to get your attention, brother. Believe me, I don't like having to do it like that. But the other way wasn't working.

Listen guys, this is my last shot at trying to help. From now on, you'll just have to take your licks. You've earned 'em.