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Saturday, May 8, 2010

How's this for crazy?


Ken G said...

While he makes great points about legalizing all drugs, the public isn't ready for that. Pot, on the other hand, according to all the latest polls will be legally regulated within the next decade. Maybe California this year, but more then likely it won't pass until 2012. Once that happens, it will steam roll across the country. I agree with LEAP's regulation method of all drugs, can you imagine all the gang bangers penniless? When the gang bangers are without the illicit profits from drugs, instead of driving chromed out SUV's they'll be driving old beat up clunkers. It'll be much harder influencing our kids into a gang life and organized crime when these guys are wearing old worn out clothes and driving beat up cars.

larry kurtz said...

Thank you, Bob, for making me ponder the cascading consequences of untaxed black market economies thriving on the Bar Association lobby at taxpayer expense.

Nice story here: