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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Talking nukes in Rapid City

This picture and the italicized text are all stolen from Kevin Woster's post at Mt. Blogmore.

Steve Wesolick warms up the crowd at the Pennington County Republican Ambassadors luncheon Wednesday before Chris Nelson, Blake Curd and Kristi Noem answer questions.

Some of the questions related to Obama’s announcement earlier this week that he will narrow the conditions under which the U.S. would resort to nuclear weapons.

“It was a terrible decision that lacked all leadership,” Noem said.

“I think when we telegraph our intentions to people who would do us harm, we make a grave error,” Curd said.

Nelson called on the U.S. to “remain vigilant” against profound threats to national security and worried that Obama “seems to think Russia and China will remain friendly” when that’s far from guaranteed.

Well, I suppose they all had to try to answer the question, but I doubt any of these folks would know a nuke or a treaty if they saw one. Naturally a wide variety of Blogmore's prattlers weighed in also. I tried three times to make the only comment I could, about something I knew about, but Woster kept deleting my comment. Here it is:

I really love the way the light bounces off Curd's head. I have seen good ideas bounce off it exactly the same way.


More than one tool in my toolbelt said...

We're the USA, we set the standards, we don't need to resort to terrorism or the threat nuclear holocaust to be the big tough guys.
Like all the presidents have said, INCLUDING this one, ALL OPTIONS are on the table, and for the ultimate defense they are and will continue to be. And still in some ill conceived emergency, we couldn't make whatever we needed???
There's only one earth, how many extra bullets do we need on hand to take her out? We're expert marksmen...

Been there, done that said...

It's really funny watching the uninformed throw President Reagan and his legacy under the bus.

Reagan cut nukes by over one-third and got rid of the tactical nuclear weapons.

Douglas said...

Gosh Newland, Woster wouldn't publish a comment suggesting the weather was good for a day. Don't ever mention the fact that the GOP is a big empty bag and the National GOP hypocrisy has made the party irrelevant.

Bob Newland said...

The Republican Party is irrelevant in all aspects except that its nominee is guaranteed election in all but a handful of So. Dak. precincts. Vomitingly sad, but true.

Barry Smith said...

That's the GOP for you, with all their high values.
Reducing nuclear arms is a terrible decision that lacks leadership, and providing for health care for the populous is "Armageddon".