The whole point of free speech is not to make ideas exempt from criticism but to expose them to it.

Friday, April 30, 2010

So you wanna be a blogger?

Well, most of you don't. There are already more blogs than there are readers of them. Blogging is an exercise in ego gratification, for the most part, that thrives to the extent that one can generate response to one's posts.

Coming up with something every day that is worthy of being published is either damn near impossible or quite easy, depending on the publisher's estimation of "worthiness." Mike's bar is obviously higher than mine.

I think an online discussion is the goal for the Forum, with the possibility that some people may be influenced to see things a bit more like I see them. Sometimes I am able to see things a bit more like someone else sees them, but someone has to present an argument that his way is better before I can be swayed.

Neither Mike nor I have the resources (time, money) to pursue much investigative reportage, the practice of which has launched some blogs into the stratosphere, and which I would really like to do. So I'm limited to commenting on stuff I see online, on TV, or in a book or magazine that strikes me as interesting.

It'd be nice to have some suggestions on what you think Mike and I do well and what you wish we'd quit doing (which we can then defend as being necessary to survival of the Republic).


grudznick said...

I'm coming to visit your town in two weeks. Wedding. Would like to rant at Newland over breakfast. Gonna teach him stuff.


Bob Newland said...

Lookin' forward to it.

You gonna be packin' heat?

caheidelberger said...

Don't feel bad about just pointing out cool stuff you read. That filter function—panning for the nuggets in the great sluice of information pouring through the Intertubes—is still a worthwhile function for blogs to fulfill. If you happen to sink your teeth into a good mystery and crank out the occasional original journalism, great! But you are under no obligation to do so. Blog what trips your trigger... and what you have time for! (and send grudz my way—I'll teach him a thing or two. ;-) )

Ken G said...

Decorum's a daily click for me. I was linked to this site in an article last year when, I believe it was Newland, had his freedom of speech taken away.

I don't post much, but enjoy reading all the different opinions. I think you guys are doing a great job and hope you keep it up.

Bob Newland said...

Thank you to the folks who have chimed in so far. We appreciate it. Anybody else?

Former Forump said...

You suck, Newland.

I'll smoke to that.

Bob Newland said...

Former Forump, you hit the grindstone squarely on the head. I'll put my shoulder to the axe.

taco said...

I really like Sanborn's stories on local politics - he has done some outstanding investigative reporting. For example, his coverage of the weeks leading to the censure was the best reporting on the subject - much better than the RCJ's coverage which was, actually, pretty good.

Newland is a SD treasure and, as such, I love this blog!

Bob Newland said...

Kind words, Taco. Thanks.

I agree with your remarks on Sanborn's reportage, too.