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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shad Olson whipped with wet noodle

From the Rapid City Journal:

KOTA TV newsman Shad Olson will be back on the air soon, following a disciplinary suspension from his news anchor duties in the Rapid City coverage area because of his speech at a tea party rally.

Olson was taken off the air locally a few days after his April 15 speech at the Citizens for Liberty tax day rally in Memorial Park.

“Shad’s speech to the tax day rally was a lapse in ethics, so we took appropriate action,” KOTA news director John Petersen said.

Petersen said Olson will resume his anchor duties for KOTA at some point in the near future, but declined to offer a date. He also declined to discuss specifics of the disciplinary action taken against Olson. Read it all here.

Blogger Comment: One of the problems with Olson is that he does not really believe his own rhetoric. He believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights apply only to folks who don't annoy him.

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