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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kurt Evans. ?.

In 2002, Kurt Evans, a hooberite from central South Dakota, attended the state Libertarian convention and announced his intent to run as a Libertarian against Tim Johnson and John Thune for the US House. He had been a Thune fan until Thune expressed support for the No Child Left Behind Act, a piece of socialist legislation promoted by the most socialist prez (Geo. W.) we've had since FDR.

I couldn't discern a libertarian bone in Evans' body aside from the small one that reacted correctly to NCLB. But he circulated petitions and qualified for the ballot. As election day drew nearer and it became apparent that the race was tight, people pressured Evans, a la the Weiland-waffle waltz, to quit attempting to siphon votes from the potential savior of South Dakota, i. e. Thune.

Two weeks before the election, Evans announced he was withdrawing and asked his supporters to vote for Thune. 3000 folks who could stomach neither Johnson nor Thune still cast their votes for Evans. Johnson won by 527 votes. One can reasonably assume that had Evans' name not been on the ballot, at least 528 of the folks who voted for him would have held their noses and voted for Thune. I doubt any of them would have voted for Johnson.

I talked to Kurt when I heard he had announced he no longer wanted votes. He said he'd talked to Thune and had decided that Thune was a true Christian, and would be significant in the battle to stop the killing of the unborn. I don't suppose they discussed Thune's potential to be a significant figure in the slaughter and torture of hundreds of thousands of folks who had already been born. I still have the ability to be amazed at how some people can be bought off for the price of a pious smile.

Anyway, Kurt Evans has now announced that he will run as Independent against Thune for US Senate this year. Hmmmm. How exciting.


Anonymous said...
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Wobbly Louise said...

Democracy always needs a lot of money, right? Gosh, who would want to oppose 6 Million Dollars in the Bank John Thune? Bush gave us the best deficit spending, right? And Thune voted for all those deficits. Now, with a nonRepublican Presidents, its funny how Thune and his fellow Republicans got "religion" and are going to balance the budget. Right!
Wobbly Louise

Bob Newland said...

I removed the comment above because it was posted under the name "Anonymous." You may repost under any other name.

Thad Wasson said...

Mr. Evans could gain some traction by going after Senator Thune's vote for the 2008 bank bailout. I know that since that vote Thune has circulated a petition to stop bank bailouts, but the horse already left the barn. He could ask Thune if his economic designs include taxpayers and their children assuming investments gone bad so that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase don't have to take a haircut.

Mr. Evans should also press Thune about our war debt. The cost of freedom should start at 20 cents a gallon of gas. If everyone knew the true cost instead of hiding it off the books, these wars would not drag on.

Bob Newland said...

"The cost of freedom should start at 20 cents a gallon of gas." ??

Do you propose that something should happen at 20¢ per gallon? I don't understand what that sentence means.

Thad Wasson said...

A tax of 20 cents a gallon, to at least pay the interest for the cost of war.

Anonymous said...
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Marty H said...

Brother Bob, I posted the DDE quote above, then who knows which key I pecked?

Boss Newland said...

Again I deleted a comment posted under "Anonymous." I then posted this using the function (Name/URL) that allows you and me to post under any name we might pick.