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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Arizona Immigration Law

The United States has steadfastly refused to enforce its own immigration laws because the country's aristocracy enjoys the benefit of paying slave wages to illegals to do their gardening and work their fields and lay their concrete and cook and serve them dinner and clean their swimming pools and roof their houses....

Some of the illegals are hard-working, otherwise honest, God fearin' folks trying to capture their slice of the American Dream pie. Others are violent criminals. None of them pay income taxes. Many of them take advantage of health care services available at Arizona's hospital emergency rooms.

The folks in Arizona want to control the border between their state and Mexico. Liberals think that's a bad idea. Of course, they like the idea of "protecting" illegals because, while none pay taxes, many vote in our elections. I have registered to vote in both Kansas and South Dakota. Neither state asked me to prove I was an American citizen prior to giving me a voter registration card and allowing me to take part in the country's most important right...the right to self-govern.

Arizona, for a myriad of reasons, wants to make sure the people who are exercising the rights and privileges associated with American citizenship actually are citizens. But liberals are crying fowl, saying the new law diminishes probable cause, and search and seizure standards set forth in the Constitution because it allows police officers who have a "reasonable suspicion" that someone is in our country illegally, to ask them to see their immigration papers.

Giving police more power always gives me chills. At the same time, Arizona must do something because they are home to nearly 25 percent of illegal aliens. And it is an expense the taxpayers there can no longer manage.

Perhaps it would be less expensive in the long run to put every illegal on a bus, and instead of sending them back to Mexico, send them to San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York, Boston, Detroit and Chicago.

George Will's column on this subject is excellent. Read it here.


Bill Fleming said...

I like George Will, and often agree with him, but not completely in this case. There are three Constitutional sticking points, not just one.

First, the state of Arizona is usurping US Congress exclusive power to make and enforce naturalization rules.

Second is the "reasonable suspicion" language which derives from the "Terry Stop" precident, which was never intended to be an evidence hunting police action, but rather one of self protection. It could be argued that this law puts the police in even more danger. The Sheriff of Pima county certainly seems to think so.

And third is the 14th Amendment, equal protection. Hispanic people AND ALL Arizona citizens are less protected under this law than other American citizens two ways, a) because of their ethnicity and b) because they are from Arizona.

In other words, Arizona citizens in general are less protected. This should be of concern to ALL good American citizens.

And we haven't even talked about "illegals" and "green cards" yet.

Donna said...

I don't see how you think the AZ law "usurps" the Feds powers. The AZ bill does not include anything about becoming a citizen, it just requires that you be able to prove that you are one. If anyone- from anywhere- becomes a US citizen, they are instructed to carry documantation with them to prove citizenship. So all AZ is doing is enforcing the already establised federal guidelines. Apparently AZ citizens do not feel less protected as the overwhelming majority of them support this measure. I don't blame them for wanting tax apying citizens to share in the tax burden- not just drain from it.

I also have to disagree with the thinking that the sheriff of Pima county feels he is in danger. I watched his interview and he just obviously disagrees with the action, and is refusing to enforce it. Looks to me like he doesn't want to work that hard. Since I'm sure he took an oath of office to uphold the law, I'm guessing his blatant disregard for the law will not go without notice.

Bob Newland said...

The Libertarian position on immigration is:

Let Peaceful People Cross Borders Freely.

People have the right to travel anywhere, and to take any job offered them, so long as they do it at their own expense and without violating the rights of others.

A way to help the poor is to let them go where the work is, regardless of borders. Studies show that immigrants don't take jobs from others, they add to the economy and help create more jobs.

America was built by immigrants who came here seeking nothing but opportunity and freedom - and created the greatest, most productive society ever.

Respect for human rights and compassion for the world's poor require that we relax immigration restrictions.

Keep in mind that the Libertarian position on welfare is, roughly: The State should not extract money from some people and give it to others based on the State's opinion of who is deserving of it.

Bill Fleming said...

Well, Donna, now it's also the sheriff of Yuma County.

And a policeman is the first one to file a lawsuit:

Michael Sanborn said...


I agree there are troublesome issues with the Arizona law. But what is Arizona to do? Where is the solution for the skyrocketing costs of dealing with illegal aliens? Should they be allowed to come and be a drain on the economy?


Your deal will work just as soon as this country finds another way to pay for the services the country has demanded.

Until then, people who use taxpayer-paid services while not paying taxes will always be a problem.

larry kurtz said...

Here's how South Dakota copes:

Bill Fleming said...

Mike, they should implement something similar to the old Bracero Program to include all workers. Here's a couple of links to good info:


I think something along these lines is in the works and we should get behind it.

We should also eliminate the need for the black market as per some of Bob's posts, but first things first. The immigration thing is long, long overdue. What really gets my dander up is when people try to blame this all on Obama. It's been a problem for at least 40 years.

The problem is, many American capitalists have never given up on the concept of having slaves and indentured servants.

Bill Fleming said...

By the way, Mike, The US Congress should do that, NOT ARIZONA. Arizona should keep its nose out of the Immigration and Naturalization business as per the US Constitution Article 1, Section 8.

Bill Fleming said...

p.s. Mike, if you think there is a drain on the Arizona economy now, just wait a few months and see what this action has cost them.

Les said...

I hear Pres Obama will no longer consider entering Az with all that unconstitutional birth/cert and proof of citizenship baloney.

Bill Fleming said...

Les, there are a lot of people who aren't going to go to Arizona anymore, I'm afraid.

Michelle said...

Under the 14th amendment, citizens are under equal protection, however, under this new law, when legality is being questioned, citizens are harassed. This new law disputes their rights and places the Constitution under question. Here's a video that may help make it simpler.