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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This guy even went to college!

Everything below this paragraph is copied directly from PP's post regarding Sen. Ryan Maher's switch from the Democrat to the Republican party. The blue is apparently directly quoted from Maher's reply to PP. I say Maher should repeat fourth grade English.

Statement from newly minted Republican Senator Ryan Maher
Posted by PP at the SDWC
I asked for a statement from Ryan on his party switchover, and here’s a few notes on why he did it…

“…the reason I changed was because I wanted a seat at the table when it came to redistricting after the 2010 election. This is an important issue to Northwestern South Dakota (Dist 28) being this covers such a large area of the state. The only way I would have a say in this process is by being in the majority party.

"…since Jim Peterson and Julie Bartling have moved on, they made up the conservative wing of the Democrat party, there was really no reason for me to stay behind.

When I ran 4 yrs. ago I never thought I would have made it past Ted Klaudt in the general election. There was already 3 people filed in the republican primary and no one had filed as a Democrats so I took a chance and entered the race, and I happened to win. Now it is the time to move back with all that is happening in Washington DC…”

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