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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I like Joe Ely

Was listening to a new album by Joe Ely. This one cracked me up.

She Finally Spoke Spanish to Me

Wine and dreams
She blew the candle out
I came to her for something
I went away without
Adios, that word will always haunt my memory
But she finally spoke Spanish to me


Marty said...

Written by his amigo, Butch Hancock. Brother Bob, if you ever get a chance to see 'The Flatlanders'; Joe, Jimmy and Butch are supreme!

Bob Newland said...

Is that Marty H? Nice to hear from you. I sure would like to catch the Flatlanders sometime. One large regret in my life is that I failed to catch Hank Thompson live even once.

Marty H said...

Yes, indeed Roberto, Marty H, alive and well in the Joshua Tree ranges of the Mojave...if you don't already have a copy of the 'Flatlanders' latest - Hills and Valleys....well you know the drill...also pick up Justin Townes Earle, he has a couple of red hot albums out that nobody knows about!!!

Bob Newland said...

I've always liked Steve Earle, but I haven't heard anything by his son, yet. Betcha didn't know that I went to high school with Townes Van Zandt and his brother, Bill.

I'll check all of it out. Thanks!