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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Howie spreads heat without much light.

I received the following from one of my operatives. Apparently (s)he had received it from Sen. Howie. Anybody have any guesses as to what Howie is talking about specifically?


Monday, March 08, 2010 Contact: Senator Gordon Howie (605-716-3385)

Tea Party Republican Senator Gordon Howie calls on Governor and Legislative leadership to level with taxpayers

Pierre - Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Gordon Howie wants South Dakota taxpayers to know what is really happening behind closed doors in Pierre.

“I am challenging politicians in Pierre to come clean with taxpayers,” said Senator Howie. “To be honest and tell South Dakotans just how much more they are planning to spend next year. Better yet, tell them where they plan to get the money!”

“The Governor’s budget plan calls for more spending next year, about $50 million dollars more,” said Howie. “Majority Leader Knudson and Lt. Governor Daugaard have agreed that spending $20 million is acceptable to them.”

Last week Legislative leadership presented a plan that called for budget cuts. But Senator Howie says this plan doesn’t actually cut the budget. He says it increases government spending.

“That plan misleads taxpayers in two ways. First it ignores the fact that they are really proposing more spending next year, millions more,” explains Howie. “Second, it boasts about ‘budget cuts,’ but those cuts are being negotiated away behind closed doors, hiding the fact that these proposals simply spend more money.”

“What is really happening right now is that the leadership and the Governor are negotiating how much to increase spending next year,” said Howie.

Calling for an open and honest discussion of the real issue, Senator Howie wants to know how much more the state of South Dakota is going to spend next year.

“Taxpayers are demanding that we stop spending more money,” states Senator Howie. “It is time to freeze state spending. Let’s make State government live within its means.”

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