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Friday, March 12, 2010

And, from the left....

I received two responses to my plea for a liberal writer who can exercise some restraint with the name calling.

One came from a local professional who feels he can't say what he feels without being anonymous. Another came from a person who has in the past told me to...well, never mind.

The liberal writer here must believe enough in his or her convictions to be willing to put his or her name on their posts. While I understand and respect the individual who can't, I don't think its fair to the readers and posters here who do use their names to allow one of the moderators to remain anonymous. Sorry.

To the other individual, I would ask that he (yes, it is a he) to submit to the same email a proposed post, which I will post and we'll see how folks react.

In the meantime, CALLING ALL LIBERALS: Please email me at to express interest in being a part of this forum at the same pay rate that Newland and I are receiving.

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