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Friday, March 12, 2010

About Malcolm Chapman

Mr. Chapman's decision to not seek re-election to his seat on the city council should surprise no one. He gambled on the Kooiker smear and the public reaction is quite clear. As one of the council's leaders, and as one of the most vocal proponents of censuring Kooiker, Chapman clearly saw the writing on the wall and exited as gracefully as he could in light of the multiple calls for his removal at the polls, and the multiple candidates eager to unseat him.

Mr. Chapman's flimsy excuses for traveling at taxpayer expense to Washington to serve as our spokesperson to the congressional delegation in an effort to get all the pork possible, is exactly that...flimsy.

Mr. Hanks is our mayor. He is the one to fill that role. The community is facing serious infrastructure needs, due in large part to the negligence of aldermen like Chapman, who chose to use 2012 monies for less important, but more politically tasty projects. We have hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure needs. Perhaps those who replace Mr. Chapman will have a more frugal approach to spending the taxpayers' dough.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Chapman is clearing the decks in hopes of a Lt. Gov. candidacy.

Michael Sanborn said...

Fat chance.