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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Opinionated Liberal Wanted

Okay, so that shouldn't be so difficult to find. But, there are other requirements.

The premise of this blog has been to provide numerous points of view from numerous writers.

One of our writers, Bill Fleming, has chosen to just comment here, now and then. He hasn't the time to devote to the Forum, and we understand and wish him well and thank him for his generosity in helping to make the Forum a place where folks can come to discuss politics like adults.

Mr. Fleming has proven himself to be an intelligent master of repartee and an apt debater. He will be missed.

So, I am sending out the call to liberals everywhere (but preferably in West River South Dakota) that we invite you to join in here on the Forum. You will be asked to provide intelligent balance to posts from Bob Newland, who writes from a libertarian viewpoint, and myself, who writes from a fiscal conservative viewpoint.

Politics is the topic, although we have wandered into art, history and religion on occasion.

If you would like to become the "next Bill Fleming" please email me at: and type FORUM WRITER in the subject line.

Oh, yeah...the pay? There are no monetary satisfactions to be had from contributing here, yet.

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