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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm still gathering information. Jobs that pay preclude me from digging in as deeply as I would like.

But, does it seem odd to anyone that a complaint that had its origins in 2003 is being brought to public light less than 30 days before Kooiker is expected to take out petitions for re-election? Something, besides the utter disregard for Kooiker's First Amendment rights, stinks.

I don't know enough yet to post. But as soon as I have my hands on those e-mails, I'll be digging in and reporting to you, gentle readers.

Anybody have any idea who on the council, or other elected or high-level appointed officials, might like to try to smear Kooiker in hopes that he will choose to not run for re-election? Anybody think it will work?

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Anonymous said...

As for those who would like to smear Kooiker --- Hadcock and Hanks.