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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just let me be free. In my H3.

And while we're pissing and moaning about our trivial problems here in the Sunshine State, er, Coyote State, uh, Mt. Rushmore State, um, whatever, we've gone and lost sight of one of our institutions as a nation. Hummer will be no more, thanks to those welshing Chinese.

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larry kurtz said...

Ayn Rand said greed is good.

NASCAR celebrates compsumptive excess with a sacramental reverence, Rapid City awaits the next fast food franchise jowls adrip, and the Right anxiously anticipates the fat lady approaching to sing an anthem announcing the Second Coming.

Ponzi, Enron, Hummer, and Citibank sold symbiotic suckerdom fungible illusions that the Right still calls job growth.

Tell a Calvinist that Judgment Day is tomorrow, he'll shout, "alleluja!". Tell him that it's because greed is accelerating climate change, he'll tell you it's God's will.
The Earth pukes.