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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

John Stewart hands Bill O' Reilly his ass on a plate.


Michael Sanborn said...

I don't think so. I think the two like each other and had a civil discourse. Hardly anyone's ass being served to anybody else.

Bill Fleming said...

Were you sleeping when you watched it Mike? Hey, you and I like each other too. That's not the point. I'm talking about the quality and persuasiveness of the arguments. Stewart mopped up the floor with him. Clearly, your party needs a new set of talking points.

Michael Sanborn said...

Okay, I've watched it twice now. I've seen a comic and a talking head talking about Fox News. I saw Stewart telling O'Reilly something everybody knows -- that FOX is in the bag for anyone opposed to Obama.

The world already gets that, Bill, including me.

I see Stewart admitting that he didn't take CNN and MSNBC to task for not covering the Massachusetts election fairly.

CNN and MSNBC are in the bag for anyone who agrees with Obama. The whole world gets that, too.

So these two guys, who appear to respect each other make a couple minutes of meaningless television entertainment.

I still don't see anyone's ass on a platter.

Bill Fleming said...

Then why didn't O'Reilly run the whole segment, Mike.? i.e. why did he edit out the parts where Stewart handed him his ass? You know which parts. Don't be coy now.

Michael Sanborn said...

I'm not being coy. I don't know. II don't watch Fox News or O'Reilly so I don't know what got edited. I couldn't care less. Is there a different version than the one you posted here? Can you post the version O'Reilly ran?

Stewart is a comic, not a newsman. That anyone is taking him seriously amuses me, but doesn't have me concerned. (Although I have to admit that if we must have a comedian in congress, I prefer Stewart to the nutcase from Minnesota.)

This just doesn't look all that hostile. I don't think, from what I see here, that anyone's ass got handed to anyone else. Sorry. I've seen Stewart do a MUCH better ass whoppin'.

Bill Fleming said...

Again, I didn't say it was hostile, I said his arguments were effective and put Bill's to shame. Specifically the argument about Obama being a socialist and a tyrant, and the issues of Obama as an ineffective foreign policy leader. These are all bogus Republican talking points. Can you admit that, Mike?

Michael Sanborn said...

Okay. I don't think smart Republicans are calling Obama a tyrant. He's a self-admitted socialist.

Stewart makes the point that Medicaid is a socialist program.

O'Reilly stumbles over what degree of socialism is acceptable.

So, okay. Stewart didn't stumble. And, yes, as entertainers go, I much prefer Stewart over O'Reilly. Stewart makes me laugh. O'Reilly makes me sick.

Bill Fleming said...

Thanks, Mike. I think we've been over this before, but just to double check. If it were up to you, you would repeal Medicare and Social Security, right? Or is that just Bob.

Michael Sanborn said...

Must be Bob. I'm the Republican who said McGovern had the right idea when he said to gradually move the age limits of Medicaid toward the middle until everyone is covered.

Social Security had it's place. Unfortunately, many Americans are doing exactly what FDR warned against. It was always supposed to be a retirement supplement.

And, the trust fund should never have been allowed to be raided. I'll never collect a dime of what I've contributed.

Bill Fleming said...

Okay, so don't let me put words in your mouth, Mike, but it sounds like you might agree with me when I say that Obama is no more or no less Socialist than you and I and a lot (perhaps most) of Americans both Republican and Democrat are.

If so, then the Repubs using "Socialist" as a pejorative is basically a dishonest (hypocritical) scare tactic strategy, yes? Either that or a demonstration of fundamental ignorance.

Michael Sanborn said...

They are less dishonest than those Democrats who call Republicans like Cheney and Bush fascists and Nazis.

Bob Newland said...

Social Security was designed to be an introduction to socialism. The fact that its trust fund has been stolen by Congress makes the only argument one needs for its phasing out.

Medicare and its children will take care of finishing off any semblance of freedom we have.

Bill, you're right that using "Socialist!" as a pejorative is hyprocritical on the part of most of those who toss it around. Thune and Limbaugh are socialists, as are Obama and Maddow.