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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "censure" goes through.

Well, the instant (more or less) messaging service moderated by Michael (no last name available) from the Council chamber was pretty impressive. I have no idea if his reportage was complete, but it would have been a difficult task, to say the least, to transcribe every word as it was said.

Even so, the outcome was astounding. If you're interested, you can see the entire dialogue between Michael and a buncha folks like me who sat home and read and wrote back, as well as Michael's reportage of the proceedings themselves.

Michael's comments are in black; our prattle is in blue. Maybe Mike Sanborn will chime in on the accuracy of the Rapid City Journal's Cover-it-Live coverage.

This deal is far from over, I'd guess.


Michael Sanborn said...

I don't hand out a lot of accolades to the Journal, as most people here know.

But, I was impressed with the Journal's coverage. Mr. LeFort, Journal editor, was moderating the live feed, and I thought he did a very good job of presenting the thing as it happened.

The Journal was there in force. Even publisher Brad Slater was there, I assume to make the decision on how important it was to move deadlines to have more complete information in the dead tree version.

Wayne Gilbert said...

As a rejoinder to Michael's comment, I was at the hockey game until about 9:30. While at the game I followed the comments on a smartphone. The combination of technology and my first experience with a whole new way of reporting an event live was fascinating.

larry_kurtz said...

Guys, I'm embarrassed to ask if this City Bob Ellis is the same guy as the blog guy. Help?

Bob Newland said...

Different Bob Ellis.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks Bob.

Anybody got a read on where the PennCo. Commission's septic system initiative is headed? Is this nanny government or responsible property owner stewardship?

Is there anyone as freaked out about water issues as I am?

Anonymous said...

The mayor should veto this or, at least, explain why he won't veto this matter.