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Thursday, February 18, 2010

And yet one more pseudo-conservative joins the primary sandbox party.

Now there are five aspirants to Stephanie's seat.

Tarn Veira says: "In a free economy, everyone makes their own decisions. Who knows your situation better than you? Can Congress, lobbyists, and bureaucrats know your situation better than you? Control by the few is a root problem of a socialist economy."

and (of course; he's a So. Dak. Republican aspirant to office), "
The unborn are human and innocent; therefore killing them (abortion) is wrong." (Translation: "Not only would I not have an abortion, I would even use the power of the state -- that I think is too powerful and intrusive -- to prevent women from having an abortion, even pregnant women, even pregnant women who have good reasons not to have a baby.")

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Anonymous said...

Can't leave the state out of our personal health care decisions.

"Control by the few is a root problem of a socialist economy." Wrong. The US does not have a socialist economy. The US has a corporatist, fascist economy - a melding of business and government. The US economy trickles-up to bailout and otherwise provide lavish tax relief for corporations - it does not take from the wealthy or the corporations and provide for the little guy.

If he doesn't know the basic definitions of governance he has no business trying to govern.