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Monday, February 22, 2010

1277 and 1278 die

Both blog-killer bills were killed in House State Affairs this morning. Listen to the discussion here, if you'd like. Click on the eagle icon, then on the page that comes up, scroll to the bottom and click on today's date.

Testifying for the bills, state senator Brock Greenfield rambles on for several minutes complaining about a blog post clearly libeling him (assuming the allegation posted was untrue). Problem is, his testimony was completely irrelevant. He did not pursue his option, which was to institute a lawsuit. That option would not have changed had the bills been passed. Greenfield testified in favor of a solution that would never meet his problem.


Wayne Gilbert said...

First they came for the anonymous bloggers, and I did not stand up because I was not an anonymous blogger

Michael Sanborn said...

Now, that's funny.