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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Every day is a thrill when you mystery shop.

I earn a couple-three hundred dollars a month mystery shopping and merchandising. Tuesday I repacked two hundred bras in a local retail store, pulling them out of boxes and putting them in vinyl bags. I also had to re-set an entire set of display shelves, with about 2000 items on it. That took 5.5 hours, at $8 an hour.

Yesterday I visited an athletic goods retailer and evaluated the customer experience while presenting a scenario that wasted the time of a very busy salesperson.

Everything I have done so far as a merchandiser and mystery shopper enhances my understanding of the contempt in which most corporate offices hold the folks who meet the public for them. What they pay me also shows their contempt. But, one's choices are limited when one has a felony.

Here's a job that's available now, for $5.00...

Merchandisers will COVERTLY ensure Brand “X” 24ct. tissue paper’s facings and shelf tags are correctly set. If not, you must COVERTLY move items according to the MOD in your guidelines. Before and after photos are REQUIRED!!!

This kills me. If I decide to accept this job, I am to carry a camera to a store, take a picture of toilet paper, then move it to a different location if it's not in the right location, and take another picture. Covertly.

If caught moving toilet paper from one location to another in a store where no one knows me, I guess I'm supposed to say, "Look buddy, see these three zeros in front of my agent number on my ID card? That means I have a license to break your knees if you don't go away. If you talk, we'll find you and your family."

$5.00. I'll let you know how it went.

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